Louis Chenevert Improves United Technologies Corporation

Louis Chenevert is a successful business leader in Canada. He is now the CEO of United Technologies Corporation. He has made drastic improvements to the company since he became CEO. Not only has he improved sales, but the brand name recognition of United Technologies Corporation has improved drastically. A worthwhile, quick watch on maintaining momentum […]

A New Deal in the Middle East

Daniel Taub is currently the ambassador for Israel to the UK. Taub says that the Geneva deal is a danger to not only himself but to all of us. He says that Iran will make a nuclear bomb. There was a deal made last week between Tehran and other powers of the world. There are […]

Dr. David Samadi Says Lifestyle Choices can Impact Aggressiveness of Prostate Cancer

Dr. David Samadi, world-renown celebrity doctor says recent studies have linked prostate cancer to obesity. Scientists have discovered that in overweight patients, more aggressive forms of cancer occur, and Dr. David Samadi says the speed at which people gain weight can also influence the progression of the disease. Researchers have documented trends among patients gaining […]

Betsy DeVos Begins Process of Reforming Education

Betsy DeVos is, if nothing else, going to go down as one of President Trump’s most important additions to his administration. President Trump campaigned on bringing change to Washington D.C. and he loudly called for Draining the Swamp, allowing the phrase to become a mantra that millions of Americans around the country have chosen to […]