Todd Lubar Career Life

Todd Lubar is a business executive based in the United States. Lubar is the chief executive and president of a company known as TDL Global Ventures. The businessman is also the vice president of Legendary Investments. Lubar is one of the most influential authorities in the real estate industry.

After completing his university education in the year 1995, Lubar chose to venture into the real estate world. His passion and desire to help other people to acquire homes have been the driving force behind his success. His success has ranked him as one of the top twenty-five mortgage originators in the United States for a while. Apart from his accomplishments in the real estate world, Lubar has worked in other industries. Some of these include entertainment, banking, and construction. The businessman is also respected for his passion for helping the needy people in the society too.

After working in the finance and credit industry for two decades, Todd Lubar realized that he wanted to help more people in the world to fulfill their dreams in life. He decided to establish TDL Global Ventures as a way of eliminating the common barriers that hinder people from acquiring the loans they needed.

Todd Lubar’s day starts off with a cup of coffee and then some healthy breakfast with his children. After taking breakfast, he scrolls the news of the day while checking his emails. He then goes for some workout before heading to the office. Being up to date on the news, especially those concerning his industry helps him plan for the day. Working out every day is the perfect way to clear his head and get the energy to accomplish his dreams.

Todd Lubar has managed to form some robust networks in his entire career. These networks have played a key role in his successful career. After the financial crisis that took place over ten years ago, the businessman was forced to venture into other businesses. His career in the banking and entertainment world was short-lived, but it was very profitable. When he is working at TDL Ventures, Todd Lubar loves spending time with his young children. Visit LinkedIn for more info.

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George Soros – Influential Businessman and Political Contributor Based in the United States

In the political landscape of the United States, there are very few people who hold as much influence as George Soros, who is a successful businessman, author, philanthropist, hedge funder, and political contributor. George Soros is a Hungarian-born Jew, who had to flee his home country in disguise to save his life from the Nazi atrocities. After escaping from Hungary, George Soros went to London and studied Economics at London School of Economics and took a job at a local merchant bank, which marked the start of his career in finance.

Soon after, he left his job to move to the United States and try his luck in the world’s largest financial district, Wall Street in New York. In a couple of years, he started his hedge fund by the name Quantum Fund in the year 1969. He is also popularly known as the man who inflicted massive loss to the Bank of England as he shorted Britain currency in huge amount. Presently, he is one of the world’s most powerful and influential investor and hedge funder, even at the age of 86, and is the Chairman at Soros Fund Management, a hedge-funding firm that has over $30 billion in assets under management.

George Soros is the 29th richest person on the planet with the personal wealth of well over $25 Billion. He is also one of the most passionate and resourceful philanthropists in the world and is the founder of Open Society Foundation. It works with NGOs, political and social organizations, and other institutions, to work for the betterment of the society, donate to charities, support state champions that raise the voice for the issues Soros feel strongly for such as racial disparity, immigrants rights, refugees rehabilitation, and more. Read his profile at Forbes.

George Soros recently announced his pledge to provide $500 million to help the businesses started and run by refugees and immigrants. In the recent U.S. Election, George Soros pumped close to $30 million to the Hillary Clinton’s Presidential election and ensured that more funds would be provided as and when needed. It is because George Soros was and continues to remain against Donald Trump, whose campaign and reform policies do not align with that of George Soros.

George Soros earlier scaled back his political spending after losing millions in defeating George Bush in the election. However, at present, George Soros seems more inclined towards politics than ever, especially with Donald Trump as the U.S. President, who he feels can put America in great danger, socially, financially, and globally, with his policies. George Soros uses his monetary resources in a productive manner to build better communities and empower people and so far has spent billions in donations to numerous charities and organizations worldwide. Read this story at about George Soros.

Running A Business And Changing The World

Running a major corporation is no easy task. However, for someone like Anthony Petrello, this is what he does on a daily basis. In addition to his workload, he is looking for ways to help other people in what they are doing as well. There are a lot of people who are ready and willing to work hard in order to help him succeed.

This is one of the things that he is really excited about in his life and his business. With all of the changes that are starting to take place in this area, he is proud of the work that he is doing. Anthony Petrello knows that his work with Texas Children’s Hospital is leading to changed lives of children who are struggling with affliction and disease.

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Anthony Petrello
When he started out in his career, Anthony Petrello never thought that he would be where he is today. However, with a lot of great work, Petrello has proven that he is ready to build wealth at a high level. This is something that many people look up to him on. Now is a great time to try and figure out how to help other people over the long term. Anthony Petrello is going to keep finding ways to help out his local community while he builds and invests in Nabors Industries. This is a great way for him to excel at a high level over time. Nabors Industries is lucky to have someone like him in charge as.

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US Money Reserve Has Informative Summit On DRTV

Investing in gold and silver is becoming even more heavily talked about in television ads and infomercials, and one of the leading companies that is bringing people onboard gold investments is US Money Reserve. US Money Reserve is a privately owned company that has former US Mint Director Philip Diehl on its executive board. Diehl also made an appearance on US Money Reserve’s Direct Response TV 2016 Gold Summit event.

This event was carried out like a debate that had former news columnist Larry King hosting and moderating. In addition to Diehl, numismatics expert John Rothans and former Vice President of Marketing Brad Castillo also joined in the discussion. Former President Ronald Reagan’s son Michael Reagan also made an opening speech about owning gold.

The reason US Money Reserve is a good choice for gold and silver investing is the diversity of precious metals they have in their inventory. Whether you’re looking to invest in a starters amount or a large supply of coins and bullion, US Money Reserve has plenty to choose from in their selection. Perhaps you’re wondering why you should consider gold and silver? These precious metals aren’t just items to display in a collector’s case, they are safe havens against volatile markets and inflation. Learn more about U.S Money Reserve:

Gold and silver usually increase in value when national debt and interest rates start accumulating too high, and markets need time to stabilize gold and silver are great assets to own. Gold and silver coins are legal tender and are highly recommended to purchase.

Philip N. Diehl is one of the world’s top numismatists and is a former US Mint Director. Diehl has appeared on many television outlets and has discussed policies such as eliminating the penny and the minting of the first ever platinum coin. Diehl was also behind the Sacagawea dollar and the start of the US Mint’s new and improved ecommerce program.

Diehl is featured on US Money Reserve’s new website where he discusses getting started in gold and silver investing and how anyone can do it. US Money Reserve has an easy-to-navigate system and has new photo galleries of all its coins and bars.

Live support is always available and customers can have easy access to purchase information through Client-Connect Advantage. Other information includes IRA transfers and diversifying your portfolio. To find out more about buying gold or silver bars and coins, visit

A Look At How Kevin Seawright Helps First Time Homebuyers

As the Managing Partner and Chief Operating Officer of RPS Solutions, LLC, (Real Property Solutions), Kevin Seawright has helped a lot of people buy their first home. The mission of RPS Solutions is to increase the rate of homeownership in the city of Baltimore.

They accomplish this goal by building new houses as well as renovating existing homes. These homes are then bought by residents of the city at good prices. Seawright wants to bring the number of owned homes in Baltimore up from about 48% to 66% homeownership.

At RPS Solutions, Kevin Seawright manages the overall operations of the company. He makes sure the company is operating efficiently and he is responsible for overseeing the network of contractors they have developed which perform the work on the homes RPS Solutions owns. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:

PR Newswire stated that Kevin Seawright has said that homeownership brings real solutions to neighborhoods as it gives residents a vested interest in maintaining properties, developing strong social networks, and leads to more wealth for homeowners as property values rise over the years.

In 2016, Kevin helped the son of a former co-worker buy their first home. Jerel Brown works for the city of Baltimore and didn’t think he’d ever own a home in the city given his salary. He was alerted to a great deal on a home by Kevin and soon after Jerel was able to buy the home.

Before joining RPS Solutions, Seawright had spent most of his career working for the city of Baltimore. He started out with the city in 2001, working as the Managing Fiscal Officer. Read more: Kevin Seawright & RPS Solutions LLC Fill Baltimore’s Belvedere Square with First Time Homebuyers

His success in this role led to him advancing his career to the city’s Payroll Director in 2002. Other positions he has filled for the city include Finance Director, Chief Financial Officer, and Deputy Chief Operating Officer.

Kevin Seawright is a graduate of Almeda University which is where he earned his MBA in 2006. He also attended the University of Notre Dame – Mendoza College of Business where he participated in their Executive Leadership program. Outside of his career, he enjoys playing basketball and also serves as a basketball coach for Suffolk Virginia Recreation.

All About Personal Online Reputation Management

When you search the phrase Online Reputation Management, most of the results you get will offer some kind of help entailing to your business. Most articles fails to emphasize on the personal importance of online reputation management. Perhaps, because they don’t understand its relevance. This article will however discuss the importance of personal online reputation management and how you can build one.

Importance of Personal Online Reputation

Maintaining your personal reputation is very important. People will search you when they are trying to expand their networks, find customers and employees or get business partners. Also, you will note that most recruiters search online to find suitable candidates. They also do most of their screening using online sources. Therefore, it is important that your name be optimized on the various search engines.

How Personal SEO Affects Your Online Reputation

There are a number of ways in which your personal SEO might affect your online reputation. These include;

  • Doppelganger

Doppelgangers are people who will intentionally push your SEO to the furthest bottom so that you no longer appear relevant. This might have adverse effects on your authority. And, if people cannot respect you, they will find it hard to network with you or even employ you.

  • Mistaken Identity

There might be people who you share a name with, that might have done shameless things in the past, causing you to look unprofessional. For example, where an escort might share a name with you.

  • Self-Inflicted Reputation Tarnishing

If in the past you posted photos or messages that make you appear unprofessional, it might be very hard for you to be considered for a job position even when you have the best qualifications.

Personal Online Reputation Management Strategy

To avoid the above, it is important that we come up with a professional name that will be used for all our professional accounts. While using this name, it is important that we keep our posts and comments professional, avoiding doing things that might embarrass us.