An Overview of Betsy DeVos Philanthropy, Financial Donations and Background

Betsy DeVos can rightfully be described as an innovator, advocate, disruptor and a proven leader. She has indeed fought a lot to eradicate barriers in various fields like politics, business and education. Betsy has been at the frontline of fighting these barriers in order to bring about change as well as come up with new environments where people are capable of thriving well. She is currently the US Secretary of Education in President Donald Trump’s administration. Here is an overview of her involvement in philanthropic activities and foundations, personal background and political giving.





DeVos is widely known for her support for the school voucher programs, charter school and school choice. She is also involved in a lot of philanthropic work through the Betsy and Dick DeVos Family foundation that she runs together with her husband. The two, Dick and Betsy DeVos started this foundation in 1989 and its giving is based solely on faith, which acts as their main motivation. The foundation is mostly concerned in helping cultivate leadership, leverage support and accelerate transformation in five critical areas. These are: community, leadership, justice, education and arts. The DeVos foundation is ranked among the top givers in the US. In 2015, it announced that it had given around $11.6 million in contributions meant for charity purposes. This pushed the amount of money the couple had spent in giving back to the society to $139 million. Betsy DeVos, has through her family foundation, donated a lot of funds to evangelical missions, Christian schools, health research, arts organizations, conservative and free market think tanks. Among the beneficiaries of her philanthropy are Baptists for Life, Acton Institute, Center for Individual Rights, Institute for Justice among others. The foundation mainly focuses its giving to private Christian schools, public schools and charter schools.


Financial Giving


Betsy DeVos and her family have been actively involved in raising funds for the Republicans. In 2004 for instance when President Bush was seeking a second term in office, she helped in raising over $150,000 towards his campaign. Her family has been supporting the Republicans for a very long time as donors to both the party and its candidates. From 1989, the DeVos family has given over $17 million to political committees and candidates.


Personal Background


Betsy DeVos is a daughter to Edgar Prince, the founder of the Prince Corporation that deals in automobile parts. She graduated from the Holland Christian High School and proceeded to the Calvin College based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the institution. Betsy DeVos has been actively involved in politics for over 35 years and has served in various leadership positions in Republican Party’s organizations, political action committees and campaigns. Betsy DeVos is married to Dick DeVos, an entrepreneur, community activist and philanthropist. The couple is blessed with four children as well as five grandchildren.


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