End Citizens United Takes Aim at Finance Reform.

We have seen a unique shift in the way that United States political machine works ever since the 2010 Supreme Court decision regarding Citizens United. For those not in the know, Citizens United was a conservative group that fundamentally opposed any types of financial regulation on campaign financing. The group brought this argument before the Supreme Court in order to loosen the restrictions and allow big money, corporate donors, and people like the billionaire Koch Brothers to influence our election. The political machine has been broken ever since. Thankfully there has been a push by a PAC named End Citizens United and they are rapidly gaining steam.


Tiffany Muller is the President of the End Citizens United PAC and her goal is simple: to make her name a reality. End Citizens United was created and crafted to accomplish this task by any means necessary. The team at End Citizens United understands that this is a huge hurdle to clear but that they can make it happen in any case. The key will be to get grassroots support across the country from voters who are willing to put legislators in place to craft a constitutional amendment. This is not an easy task and that is why Muller says her donors, “feel like the system is rigged against them.”


Still, the election of Donald Trump has galvanized the country and pushed formerly apathetic participants into becoming full blown activists. Through the first quarter of the 2017 fundraising season the team at End Citizens United would raise nearly $4 million of their ultimate $35 million goal. This funding will be used to endorse candidates and supply them with support as they seek to broach campaign finance reform on Capitol Hill. Endorsing politicians who will stick to their word and keep the pressure mounted is the key to success with End Citizens United. This fundraising push needs to be effective in order for a large election run in 2018 at the Congressional level. With change in congress there is a sliver of hope that End Citizens United can make a huge dent in their goal.


Speaking of endorsements, of which End Citizens United does not give out lightly, the team at ECU recently endorsed Senator Elizabeth Warren for her re-election campaign. Senator Warren is one of the top Democrats in the United States senate and she is also vocally supportive of repealing the Citizens United decision at the Supreme Court. Warren says, “As long as the Citizens United ruling remains in effect, our democracy is in real danger.” With Senator Warren battling against Citizens United, Muller and the rest of the team at ECU have reason to be optimistic in the future for their ultimate goal.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco: Steering Bradesco Towards Market Dominance

When Dinheiro honored Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi with the coveted 2015 Entrepreneur of the Year in the Finance category, it paid tribute to his excellent track record since taking over Bradesco’s leadership as its president in 2009. It added to his bludgeoning list of industry honors he has won since joining the bank with a rich history of excellent service delivery in the Brazilian banking sector and the Latin America’s insurance industry. In 2003 and 2007, he won the Insurance Personality of the Year Awards while at the helm of Bradesco Seguros; a subsidiary of Bradesco specializing in insurance and pension services in Brazil and Latin America region.

It is his excellent operational and financial track record at Bradesco Seguros that played a critical role in his appointment to head Bradesco. His tenure at the head of the Rio de Janeiro-headquartered insurance company was marked by an increase in the company’s market share, which rose to 25 percent throughout Brazil and Latin America. Bradesco Seguros contributes a staggering 35 percent of Bradesco’s net profit, which marks a 9 percent increase. The company’s value has also increased two folds.

Career and Education Background

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is a Bradesco veteran who has spent the whole his professional career at the company and its subsidiaries and branches. He first joined the company in 1969 following his appointment as a clerk at Bradesco’s Marília agency. He was later promoted and moved from his hometown to Sao Paulo in 1971. At the company’s headquarters, he continued to work his way through the company’s ranks and was appointed the company’s marketing director in 1984 where he was instrumental in improving Bradesco’s publicity initiatives and relationship with the Brazilian media.

He stormed to prominence in the Brazilian corporate sector and within Bradesco in 1992 when he was moved to Bradesco’s pension subsidiary to serve as its executive director and president up to 1998. His star continued to shine bright in Bradesco following his promotion to serve as Bradesco Seguros’s vice president in 1999. His excellent management skills saw him rise to the Rio de Janeiro-based insurance company’s presidency in 2003. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s track record is founded on his solid academic background having graduated from the University of São Paulo with Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy. He attended São Paulo School of Sociology and Politics for his postgraduate studies in sociopsychology.

Taking over Bradesco’s Presidency

Bradesco was founded over six decades ago. For several years, it occupied the enviable position of being Brazil’s leading privately held owned bank in terms of market share and asset value. Its success has been hinged on several pillars including hiring some of the best industry talents. Since taking over the presidency of the bank, Mr. Trabuco has adopted a different strategy when it comes to acquiring these talents. He has established a corporate university to mentor the bank’s future leaders with the view of promoting continuity and renewal at the Amador Aguiar-founded company. It is the same philosophy of continuity that saw him rise through the company’s ranks to become its vice president and then president.

Overcoming the Odds from Day One

The 2015 award he won betrays the precarious situation Bradesco was facing while he was taking over its presidency. Brazilian economy was in turmoil, which negatively affected the bank’s ability to continue with Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s predecessor’s policy of acquiring new banks to increase Bradesco’s asset value and operations. Consequently, it lost its number one position to its competitor. However, Mr. Trabuco’s overcame the challenges he faced from day one in his new office through suave management strategies. He first set out to promote internal growth by opening of hundreds of new branches before increasing asset value, market share and presence by acquiring HSBC’s operations in Brazil for $5.2 billion.

Learn more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi: http://revistacrescer.globo.com/Revista/Crescer/0,,ERT21523-15565,00.html

George Street Photo And Video Shows How To Do Great Wedding Photography In Chicago

George Street Photo and Video Address Locations is a national chain of wedding photographers and videographers who have a studio in Chicago, Illinois. They provide high-quality photos and documentary style videos while also being an affordable option. They also help brides decide what type of wedding they want by offering an online Bridal Style Quiz which will match them with a photographer and videographer who are highly skilled in that style.

There are many locations in and around Chicago in which to get married and hold a reception. The photographers and videographers are very familiar with these locations which enable them to get great shots no matter the setting. Their website provides a list of all of the wedding venues in which they have performed their services before which are very extensive. They also provide engagement shoot ideas which have been taken the entire city.

Wild Ark is Dedicated to Protecting Wildlife

You can never truly appreciate the beauty the world has to offer without traveling and broadening your horizons. I encourage anyone who’s financially stable to do so. I know first hand that the right travel destination can change a person’s life. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/wildarkglobal/


In my experience the best travel destinations are those that are eco-conscious and conservation centered. It’s just unfortunate that people have become so detached from nature that they won’t even give a trip into the wilderness a second thought. We, as a society, have become so wrapped up in superficial things we can’t even see what really matters anymore.


As time passes, it only gets tougher to reconnect with the land. The advancement of the human species has come at a huge price. Every year, miles and miles of wilderness disappears due to the cultivation of the land. What is even more disappointing is a vast part of the world could care less. I almost can’t believe people could turn their back on nature so quickly after it has sustained us as a species for thousands of years and counting. If people continue to look the other way, in the near future there won’t be any wilderness to visit. Most conservation centers around the world are having trouble finding funding year to year. Learn more: https://au.pinterest.com/wild_ark/


Luckily, conservation centers like Wild Ark exist. Since it was established, Wild Ark Travel has provided fun loving wildlife trips with an emphasis on educating visitors on wildlife and wildlife conservation efforts in order to inspire them to get more involved in protecting nature and its creatures. Learn more: http://wildark.com/travel/


Wild Ark was formed by a team of conservation experts who have dedicated their careers to doing something about the things that plague wildlife as a whole. The conservation center makes sure each of the areas it has influence in ecosystem is in good standings.




A healthy mind and body is the genesis of a good life. InnovaCare Health knows this and that’s why it provides one of the best healthcare management services.Penelope Kokkinides and Rick Shinto are among the top tier leaders of the InnovaCare Health management company. The former is the Chief Administrative Officer and the later is the Chief Executive Officer, president, and director of InnovaCare Health Solutions.

About Penelope Kokkinides:

Penelope Kokkinides joined InnovaCare in 2015. Previously she had worked as the vice president of clinical operations and chief operating officer of the same company. The chief administrative officer of InnovaCare has 20 years’ experience in healthcare management and clinical operations. She specializes in government programs which include Medicaid and Medicare. Read more about Penelope on Bizjournals.com.

Penelope Kokkinides has also worked with various companies as a healthcare manager under a range of positions. These positions include working for AmeriChoice as the vice president for care management and disease management. Center light Health Care as a chief operating officer and executive vice president. She has also worked for Touchstone Health as a chief operating officer.

Penelope Kokkinides attended Columbia University’s school of Public Health and she attained a Masters in Public Health. In addition to this, she went to New York University for a post master’s in alcohol and substance abuse and she also got her masters in Social work. She also attended Binghamton University for a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences and classical languages.

Know more: http://vizualize.me/penelopekokkinides

About Rick Shinto:

Rick Shinto or Dr. Richard Shinto is a qualified health care manager and he has been working in this field for over 20 years.He has worked for various companies in diverse management roles which include chief executive officer, president, chief medical officer corporate vice president, chief operating officer, and many others.

He worked in various companies which include Aveta Inc, MedPartners, Medical Pathways Management Company and North America Medical Management among others.Dr. Rick Shinto is a qualified pulmonologist and internist. He launched his career in the medical field with this role. He attended the University of Redlands for an M.B.A, he attended the State University of New York for a medical degree and he has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of California.

About Innovacare Health

InnovaCare Health Inc is one of the leading healthcare management establishments in America. The company aims at providing affordable and comprehensive healthcare management services to its clients from all walks of life. Through its subsidiaries, the company has ensured that its clients receive quality and effective healthcare.With Dr. Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides at the helm of InnovaCare Health, the company continues to make huge strides in healthcare management.

Dick DeVos: His Work And How He Got There

The final year of Dick DeVos’ tenure in the position of Amway’s president generated a total revenue of $4.5 billion. It shocked the world. The organization now makes over $13 billion per year and through its unique design. This is partly due to the work of Dick DeVos. That design, which is part of Dick’s work, is one where groups of salesmen invite other prospects into the business. Ironically, we learn a great deal from this.


All you have to do is open your eyes. The business model found within the Amway Corp., is a great representation of what Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy have as their instinctive patterns. Today, we witness a pair whose work in philanthropy has been expansive to say the least. This is why it’s relevant to speak of the couple’s business past. It’s even more relevant to speak of them as a couple.


Dick DeVos didn’t get to his presidential position within Amway by accident. It wasn’t by the blessing of his father either. So don’t believe every negative story you hear. Even though his father was a co-founder, Dick did it alone. Dick rose to the heights of Amway partly due to the support of his wife and the structure found as the business model in this multi-level marketing organization of his.


It is a model which he also revolutionized by today’s standards.


The basic morals he and his wife learned in business created the framework for the philanthropists we recognize today. Take a look anywhere else and see. All of this is nothing short of a miracle. It’s necessary to question the motives of all who give. This is especially true considering that wealthy individuals seek to avoid taxes in many cases.


But what we unveil about the DeVos goes a bit deeper and relies on the fundamentals of religious belief and the ideals men hold deep in their very beings. It’s not everyday that we find such an influential power who’s focused on input, charity and giving back or where giving is actually needed.


Betsy and Dick also thrive as forces in the world of charity because they have great support for each other. Their bond, its integrity and ultimate objective leads this family further into a world of planetary impact. Lives are affected, eyes are opened and hearts are healed by the work of Dick and Betsy DeVos.


The future is bright and full of possibilities. Those who struggled for a mere existence are now supported by the work of this family and what they have accomplished. From the looks of it, however, their work as a powerful pair has only scratched the planetary surface. …


Oncotarget Identifies E-Cigarette Hazards

Oncotarget has conducted a study that suggests e-cigarettes cause damage to gum tissue. Ifran Rahman led the study. He is a PHD Professor of Environmental Medicine. This study is among the first to prove the notion that e-cigarettes are detrimental to health much like regular cigarettes. The study has proven that they are detrimental to gum tissue at a molecular level. The overall problem with e-cigarettes is that many users believe they are a healthy alternative to regular cigarettes when in fact they are proving to be just as detrimental to health. As they continue to gain popularity and leave the impression that they are a healthier alternative to traditional smoking, more unsuspecting damage could result. The study indicated that when the chemicals are burned they release inflammatory proteins that agitate cells and help to result in oral diseases. Similar to how the more someone smokes a traditional cigarette the more damage they will inflict, the more people choose to smoke electronic cigarettes the higher extent of damage they’re doing to their gums and oral cavity. Visit Oncotarget’s profile page at Facebook.

The study also indicated that flavoring chemicals have a detrimental effect. The flavorings in the vapors were also proven to cause gum damage at a molecular level. Electronic cigarettes also contain ingredients such nicotine which play a part in causing gum disease. Rahman would like manufacturers to note all chemicals used so we can become more educated on the possible hazards.

Oncotarget is a peer reviewed journal identifying the route of cancers, therapy targets, treatment protocols and cancer patient management. The journal studies the effectiveness of management programs, patience perspective, and patient satisfaction. The journal is also an exploitation of tested evidence in efforts to identify the most effective methods of aiding patient treatment, health, and success of protocols by medical professionals. The journal is peer reviewed and is published by Impact Journals.

Roberto Santiago and His Role in Shaping of João Pessoa by adding Great Shopping Mall Experience

Roberto Santiago, an investor and entrepreneur in Brazil, is known for shaping the João Pessoa, a major city in the country, by adding great quality shopping mall experience. He is considered to be a visionary in the Brazilian industry as he dared to set up his Manaíra Shopping mall in João Pessoa in 1989, which many considered as a risky investment. But, Santiago could foresee the changes which are expected in the retail sector in the later years along with rising average customer expectations. His smart and early move helped the Brazilians, especially people of João Pessoa, to experience shopping malls and their utilities when it was a wild dream for the rest of the South American people. Read more articles on jornaldaparaiba.com.

Though the mall inaugurated around three decades back, it has gone through at least five major expansions later considering the growing demand for quality shopping. Today, it has a building area of 135,000 square meters with many of the retail brands have showrooms in it. It is considered to be the largest mall in the state of Paraíba and one of the biggest malls in Brazil. Since João Pessoa is a major coastal city and top tourist destination, many visitors find their fun time under the roof of Manaíra Shopping mall as it offers quality shopping along with great entertainment options which are designed to address the needs of every visitors.

The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping has everything to offer for an average family or young individuals. Santiago made sure the shopping mall provides an unrestricted exploration through the events, shops, and fun programs for an entire day by adding various options to ensure total comfort of the visitors. It has an ultra-modern movie experience with an 11 screen Cinepolis multiplex offers the latest movies in 3D, IMAX and other high-quality video formats. Also, it houses a number of food courts with major fast-food and other chain restaurants which are known for providing delicious, regional and exotic food items. Some of the international brands housed in the mall include Mc Donalds, Burger King, Buongustaio, Bonaparte, and more.

The additional options inside the shopping mall include a game station with more than 200 gaming machines, and a playground spanned in 1800 square meters. It also has a bowling recreation area called Gold Strike, perfectly designed to attract young generation. Strike Bar attached to bowling area ensures a great spot for youth to hang out with friends or business people to conduct small meetings. There is a children playground named Pirlimpimpim which is helpful for parents to leave their children while they go for shopping. The shopping mall also houses a 250 unit health club called Smart Fit.

Apart from that, it also hosts international consumer brands such as Daycoval Exchange, Pandora, Samsung, and more. The mall has all the services required for an average customer including banking, cell phone, police register, job, public defender, sewing, and more. The shopping mall also has The Domus Hall, a big hall that can accommodate more than 8,000 people and considered to be an ideal place for cultural festivals, live concerts, and exhibitions. Visit Mundo Do Marketing to read more.

Vijay Eswaran’s Plans For Green Energy At QI City

Vijay Eswaran believes that whatever business along with philanthropy initiatives have been done, there is always more that can be done to make them even better. Right now his latest endeavors is to build an environmentally-friendly campus for QI University-Perak, the university that Eswaran’s company QI Group was responsible for cofounding.

The plan for this green campus involves construction of brand new buildings along with a solar and wind-powered transportation system, and the university will have also have retail shops and entertainment venues for the residents there.

Vijay Eswaran is originally from Malaysia and attended university at the London School of Economics. He holds a bachelor’s degree in socieconomics from there and also received a CIMA certification in binary marketing. He went on to complete his MBA at Southern Illinois University and spent several years as a marketing consultant for companies including IBM and Synaptics. In 1998 he returned to Malaysia and began laying the groundwork for a multilevel marketing company he had big plans for. Read more: Dato Vijay Eswaran: From taxi driver to worth over $500 million dollars

Eswaran’s aspirations to start up this new company had a lot of obstacles to overcome including limited access to capital and infrastructure, but he and his partner Joseph Bismarck had the determination to do it.

He started QI Group in Hong Kong and then founded several other corporate offices in Malaysia, Singapore and Sri Lanka. QI Group has been helping people start their own businesses through QNet, a direct selling company that sells health and beauty supplies through ecommerce. QI Group also is the founder of Q-Stride, Quex Courier and QI Asset Management.

Vijay Eswaran has written about practicing spiritualism and how listening to others can make people more focused and more apt to practice generosity in life. His books on the subject include “In The Sphere Of Silence,” “On The Wings Of Thought,” and “18 Stepping Stones.” The RYHTM Foundation has also been a passion of Eswaran’s as its helped many people with special needs and also given to religious organizations across Asia.

Eswaran was awarded the Global Indian Meet’s NGI award in 2012 and he has spoken at the World Economic Forum over the last few years.

Learn more about Vijay Eswaran: http://philanthropies.org/vijay-eswaran-2/

Todd Lubar Career Life

Todd Lubar is a business executive based in the United States. Lubar is the chief executive and president of a company known as TDL Global Ventures. The businessman is also the vice president of Legendary Investments. Lubar is one of the most influential authorities in the real estate industry.

After completing his university education in the year 1995, Lubar chose to venture into the real estate world. His passion and desire to help other people to acquire homes have been the driving force behind his success. His success has ranked him as one of the top twenty-five mortgage originators in the United States for a while. Apart from his accomplishments in the real estate world, Lubar has worked in other industries. Some of these include entertainment, banking, and construction. The businessman is also respected for his passion for helping the needy people in the society too.

After working in the finance and credit industry for two decades, Todd Lubar realized that he wanted to help more people in the world to fulfill their dreams in life. He decided to establish TDL Global Ventures as a way of eliminating the common barriers that hinder people from acquiring the loans they needed.

Todd Lubar’s day starts off with a cup of coffee and then some healthy breakfast with his children. After taking breakfast, he scrolls the news of the day while checking his emails. He then goes for some workout before heading to the office. Being up to date on the news, especially those concerning his industry helps him plan for the day. Working out every day is the perfect way to clear his head and get the energy to accomplish his dreams.

Todd Lubar has managed to form some robust networks in his entire career. These networks have played a key role in his successful career. After the financial crisis that took place over ten years ago, the businessman was forced to venture into other businesses. His career in the banking and entertainment world was short-lived, but it was very profitable. When he is working at TDL Ventures, Todd Lubar loves spending time with his young children. Visit LinkedIn for more info.

See more: http://www.toddlubar.com/

You can search him on Google.