Betsy DeVos Begins Process of Reforming Education

Betsy DeVos is, if nothing else, going to go down as one of President Trump’s most important additions to his administration. President Trump campaigned on bringing change to Washington D.C. and he loudly called for Draining the Swamp, allowing the phrase to become a mantra that millions of Americans around the country have chosen to embrace. Now, Betsy DeVos will be working to advance that mantra into action as she operates as the Secretary of Education for the Department of Education. Thrust into the spotlight for the first real time in her life, the next several years will decide the legacy that Betsy DeVos leaves behind. If we can judge her future by her first year in office, DeVos looks like she is going to be a winner among conservative circles for years to come.


When discussing Betsy DeVos most people have to ask themselves this: What brought her into President Trump’s view? Why did President Trump look to a relatively obscure Michigan-based Republican to head up one of the largest and most important departments in the entire country? A discussion on Betsy DeVos has to, almost by rule, has to begin with her work as an education reformer. DeVos isn’t new to the world of education, despite not having had a government position before, and she is going to be drawing on her history in Michigan’s political scene to serve as fuel for her work in Washington D.C.


In Michigan, Betsy DeVos has served as a high profile proponent for change at the government level in the field of education. Along with her husband Dick DeVos, heir to the Amway fortune, Betsy DeVos has led the charge toward initiating a school-choice reformation in the government. DeVos has essentially asked the government to treat religious institutions in the same way that secular institutions are treated, thus allowing schools to operate in the way that they believe is proper rather than conforming to government standards. Like many conservatives, Betsy DeVos believes in giving power to the people instead of allowing regulations to hold sway over their personal lives. School choice isn’t an entirely new concept, as it dates back to Milton Friedman nearly 50 years prior, but DeVos has helped to make it mainstream with her consistent work.


As a reformer and devout Catholic, DeVos has always put her faith and her beliefs at the forefront of the life that she chooses to live. DeVos graduated from Calvin College in Michigan and she has spent every year since then operating as an agent for change in the field of education. DeVos and her husband have been consistent donors to the Potter’s House Christian School and they are using it as an icon of the school choice movement. The DeVos family have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years as well as thousands of hours of their own life in order to help prop the school up as an institution to emulate. Now, DeVos will try and bring that change to Washington D.C.


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