A healthy mind and body is the genesis of a good life. InnovaCare Health knows this and that’s why it provides one of the best healthcare management services.Penelope Kokkinides and Rick Shinto are among the top tier leaders of the InnovaCare Health management company. The former is the Chief Administrative Officer and the later is the Chief Executive Officer, president, and director of InnovaCare Health Solutions.

About Penelope Kokkinides:

Penelope Kokkinides joined InnovaCare in 2015. Previously she had worked as the vice president of clinical operations and chief operating officer of the same company. The chief administrative officer of InnovaCare has 20 years’ experience in healthcare management and clinical operations. She specializes in government programs which include Medicaid and Medicare. Read more about Penelope on Bizjournals.com.

Penelope Kokkinides has also worked with various companies as a healthcare manager under a range of positions. These positions include working for AmeriChoice as the vice president for care management and disease management. Center light Health Care as a chief operating officer and executive vice president. She has also worked for Touchstone Health as a chief operating officer.

Penelope Kokkinides attended Columbia University’s school of Public Health and she attained a Masters in Public Health. In addition to this, she went to New York University for a post master’s in alcohol and substance abuse and she also got her masters in Social work. She also attended Binghamton University for a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences and classical languages.

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About Rick Shinto:

Rick Shinto or Dr. Richard Shinto is a qualified health care manager and he has been working in this field for over 20 years.He has worked for various companies in diverse management roles which include chief executive officer, president, chief medical officer corporate vice president, chief operating officer, and many others.

He worked in various companies which include Aveta Inc, MedPartners, Medical Pathways Management Company and North America Medical Management among others.Dr. Rick Shinto is a qualified pulmonologist and internist. He launched his career in the medical field with this role. He attended the University of Redlands for an M.B.A, he attended the State University of New York for a medical degree and he has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of California.

About Innovacare Health

InnovaCare Health Inc is one of the leading healthcare management establishments in America. The company aims at providing affordable and comprehensive healthcare management services to its clients from all walks of life. Through its subsidiaries, the company has ensured that its clients receive quality and effective healthcare.With Dr. Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides at the helm of InnovaCare Health, the company continues to make huge strides in healthcare management.

Roberto Santiago and His Role in Shaping of João Pessoa by adding Great Shopping Mall Experience

Roberto Santiago, an investor and entrepreneur in Brazil, is known for shaping the João Pessoa, a major city in the country, by adding great quality shopping mall experience. He is considered to be a visionary in the Brazilian industry as he dared to set up his Manaíra Shopping mall in João Pessoa in 1989, which many considered as a risky investment. But, Santiago could foresee the changes which are expected in the retail sector in the later years along with rising average customer expectations. His smart and early move helped the Brazilians, especially people of João Pessoa, to experience shopping malls and their utilities when it was a wild dream for the rest of the South American people. Read more articles on jornaldaparaiba.com.

Though the mall inaugurated around three decades back, it has gone through at least five major expansions later considering the growing demand for quality shopping. Today, it has a building area of 135,000 square meters with many of the retail brands have showrooms in it. It is considered to be the largest mall in the state of Paraíba and one of the biggest malls in Brazil. Since João Pessoa is a major coastal city and top tourist destination, many visitors find their fun time under the roof of Manaíra Shopping mall as it offers quality shopping along with great entertainment options which are designed to address the needs of every visitors.

The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping has everything to offer for an average family or young individuals. Santiago made sure the shopping mall provides an unrestricted exploration through the events, shops, and fun programs for an entire day by adding various options to ensure total comfort of the visitors. It has an ultra-modern movie experience with an 11 screen Cinepolis multiplex offers the latest movies in 3D, IMAX and other high-quality video formats. Also, it houses a number of food courts with major fast-food and other chain restaurants which are known for providing delicious, regional and exotic food items. Some of the international brands housed in the mall include Mc Donalds, Burger King, Buongustaio, Bonaparte, and more.

The additional options inside the shopping mall include a game station with more than 200 gaming machines, and a playground spanned in 1800 square meters. It also has a bowling recreation area called Gold Strike, perfectly designed to attract young generation. Strike Bar attached to bowling area ensures a great spot for youth to hang out with friends or business people to conduct small meetings. There is a children playground named Pirlimpimpim which is helpful for parents to leave their children while they go for shopping. The shopping mall also houses a 250 unit health club called Smart Fit.

Apart from that, it also hosts international consumer brands such as Daycoval Exchange, Pandora, Samsung, and more. The mall has all the services required for an average customer including banking, cell phone, police register, job, public defender, sewing, and more. The shopping mall also has The Domus Hall, a big hall that can accommodate more than 8,000 people and considered to be an ideal place for cultural festivals, live concerts, and exhibitions. Visit Mundo Do Marketing to read more.

Todd Lubar Career Life

Todd Lubar is a business executive based in the United States. Lubar is the chief executive and president of a company known as TDL Global Ventures. The businessman is also the vice president of Legendary Investments. Lubar is one of the most influential authorities in the real estate industry.

After completing his university education in the year 1995, Lubar chose to venture into the real estate world. His passion and desire to help other people to acquire homes have been the driving force behind his success. His success has ranked him as one of the top twenty-five mortgage originators in the United States for a while. Apart from his accomplishments in the real estate world, Lubar has worked in other industries. Some of these include entertainment, banking, and construction. The businessman is also respected for his passion for helping the needy people in the society too.

After working in the finance and credit industry for two decades, Todd Lubar realized that he wanted to help more people in the world to fulfill their dreams in life. He decided to establish TDL Global Ventures as a way of eliminating the common barriers that hinder people from acquiring the loans they needed.

Todd Lubar’s day starts off with a cup of coffee and then some healthy breakfast with his children. After taking breakfast, he scrolls the news of the day while checking his emails. He then goes for some workout before heading to the office. Being up to date on the news, especially those concerning his industry helps him plan for the day. Working out every day is the perfect way to clear his head and get the energy to accomplish his dreams.

Todd Lubar has managed to form some robust networks in his entire career. These networks have played a key role in his successful career. After the financial crisis that took place over ten years ago, the businessman was forced to venture into other businesses. His career in the banking and entertainment world was short-lived, but it was very profitable. When he is working at TDL Ventures, Todd Lubar loves spending time with his young children. Visit LinkedIn for more info.

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George Soros – Influential Businessman and Political Contributor Based in the United States

In the political landscape of the United States, there are very few people who hold as much influence as George Soros, who is a successful businessman, author, philanthropist, hedge funder, and political contributor. George Soros is a Hungarian-born Jew, who had to flee his home country in disguise to save his life from the Nazi atrocities. After escaping from Hungary, George Soros went to London and studied Economics at London School of Economics and took a job at a local merchant bank, which marked the start of his career in finance.

Soon after, he left his job to move to the United States and try his luck in the world’s largest financial district, Wall Street in New York. In a couple of years, he started his hedge fund by the name Quantum Fund in the year 1969. He is also popularly known as the man who inflicted massive loss to the Bank of England as he shorted Britain currency in huge amount. Presently, he is one of the world’s most powerful and influential investor and hedge funder, even at the age of 86, and is the Chairman at Soros Fund Management, a hedge-funding firm that has over $30 billion in assets under management.

George Soros is the 29th richest person on the planet with the personal wealth of well over $25 Billion. He is also one of the most passionate and resourceful philanthropists in the world and is the founder of Open Society Foundation. It works with NGOs, political and social organizations, and other institutions, to work for the betterment of the society, donate to charities, support state champions that raise the voice for the issues Soros feel strongly for such as racial disparity, immigrants rights, refugees rehabilitation, and more. Read his profile at Forbes.

George Soros recently announced his pledge to provide $500 million to help the businesses started and run by refugees and immigrants. In the recent U.S. Election, George Soros pumped close to $30 million to the Hillary Clinton’s Presidential election and ensured that more funds would be provided as and when needed. It is because George Soros was and continues to remain against Donald Trump, whose campaign and reform policies do not align with that of George Soros.

George Soros earlier scaled back his political spending after losing millions in defeating George Bush in the election. However, at present, George Soros seems more inclined towards politics than ever, especially with Donald Trump as the U.S. President, who he feels can put America in great danger, socially, financially, and globally, with his policies. George Soros uses his monetary resources in a productive manner to build better communities and empower people and so far has spent billions in donations to numerous charities and organizations worldwide. Read this story at Politico.com about George Soros.

Running A Business And Changing The World

Running a major corporation is no easy task. However, for someone like Anthony Petrello, this is what he does on a daily basis. In addition to his workload, he is looking for ways to help other people in what they are doing as well. There are a lot of people who are ready and willing to work hard in order to help him succeed.

This is one of the things that he is really excited about in his life and his business. With all of the changes that are starting to take place in this area, he is proud of the work that he is doing. Anthony Petrello knows that his work with Texas Children’s Hospital is leading to changed lives of children who are struggling with affliction and disease.

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Anthony Petrello
When he started out in his career, Anthony Petrello never thought that he would be where he is today. However, with a lot of great work, Petrello has proven that he is ready to build wealth at a high level. This is something that many people look up to him on. Now is a great time to try and figure out how to help other people over the long term. Anthony Petrello is going to keep finding ways to help out his local community while he builds and invests in Nabors Industries. This is a great way for him to excel at a high level over time. Nabors Industries is lucky to have someone like him in charge as.

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Adam Goldenberg’s Fashion Empire

When it comes to fashion, one of the best things to hope for is variety. Fortunately, there are tons of attempts to bring forth this variety. These attempts are changing not only the way people are dressing, but also the way people are shopping. A lot of people are leaving the malls and going to their devices to pay for the products that they are interested in. However, one must wonder what it is about online shopping that makes it such a hit among people that want to buy clothes on Angel.co. The answer is actually very simple for people that are interested.

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One of the reasons that more people are turning towards the internet for their clothing is that the internet shows people plenty of items and shops that they wouldn’t be able to find at the nearest mall. At the same time, people are granted access to much better deals on Twitter. The internet makes it easier for people to buy some high fashion items at low prices. Even then, there is a company that is even changing the way people shop online. This new fashion empire is making a huge splash in the fashion industry. This company is called TechStyle.

TechStyle has been founded by Adam Goldenberg with the help of certain other individuals. One thing that can be said for TechStyle is that it pay attention to what is on the runways. At the same time, it is doing everything it can to influence the trends. Adam Goldenberg and the other people behind TechStyle have shown that it has goals for the fashion industry. They are working towards bringing forth some really great styles for men and women throughout the world. Adam and others are working diligently to make sure that they are taking on every area of fashion that they can.

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