Vinod Gupta: The Man Who Turned A $100 Bank Loan Into A $680 Million Company

Vinod Gupta was born in India in a village where no cars or roads existed. There was no running water in his village nor electricity, but he managed to work his way out of the village and became a millionaire in the process.   As an entrepreneur, he suggests that other entrepreneurs always Understand The […]

Igor Cornelsen’s Successful Career Path

Igor Cornelsen is an investment advisor who took a long road to end up where he is today. He originally studied engineering at the Federal University of Parana, but quickly switched to economics. By 1970, he graduated and began working for an investment bank to calculate compounded interest rates. Within years, Igor Cornelsen rose to […]

Elon Musk And Sir Richard Branson Spared The Ire Of Shervin Pishevar

The technology investor and top business expert, Shervin Pishevar spent 21 hours detailing his own beliefs in the problems facing the U.S. economy and explaining why he believes technology experts such as Elon Musk and Sir Richard Branson are the exception to the rule. Pishevar has a long history of success which has taken him […]


QuinStreet, Inc. is an internet marketing company based in Foster City, California which publicly trades its stock. It recently quadrupled its stock prices giving hope and anticipation to the investors of the organization. This, however, did not go for Kerrisdale Capital, an investment manager working on investments of a long-term nature and situations that are […]

The Magic of Waiakea

When people think about Waiakea, they think about the magical benefits that come with the water. One thing that they are going to notice is that there are some actual health benefits that come with this brand of water. These benefits go beyond the talked about benefits of water. One thing that is worth considering […]

Louis Chenevert Improves United Technologies Corporation

Louis Chenevert is a successful business leader in Canada. He is now the CEO of United Technologies Corporation. He has made drastic improvements to the company since he became CEO. Not only has he improved sales, but the brand name recognition of United Technologies Corporation has improved drastically. A worthwhile, quick watch on maintaining momentum […]