Corporate Financing: What you should know about Madison Street Capital

The Madison Street Capital has grown its name and earned respect when it comes to the financial industry thanks to its expertise, experience and also its integrity. The firm aims to aid investment banking requirements of the mid-market. Madison Street Capital is an International Investment Banking firm that is based in Chicago. The firm is well versed and holds its deep knowledge on the intricacies of finance of the corporate sector. Madison Street Capital boasts an impressive record when it comes down to designing exit strategies, matching buyers to their sellers as well as drafting up intricate contracts. The company’s key focus is in dealing with tax compliance, bankruptcy services, mergers, acquisitions, private placement advice as well as corporate governance. Madison Street Capital has a grand list of clients such as Bond Medical Group, Fiber Science and Central Iowa Energy.



The firm holds offices in India, Oregon, Chicago and also Ghana. Madison Street Capital handles corporate finance tasks which they are intent on carrying out on a global scale. Great analytical skills, knowledge as well as intricate relationships with every transaction they handle. A large sum of those seeking financial reporting, business valuations, asset management and price allocation do not think twice to enlist their services. They also have a separate wing that mainly deals with wealth preservation as well as tax planning.



Recently, one of the global leaders of software analytics, DCG Software Value, brought in Madison Street Capital as the main financial advisor for the company when they had to handle the merger the firm and Spitfire Group were involved in. DCG Software Value is a Pennsylvania based company which is a leader in project support, software estimation services as well as value management. Spitfire Group is based in Denver and handles technology and business consulting. They deal with cutting edge technology to aid companies in custom development projects, technology architecture as well as project management.



Madison Street Capital has in the past gained numerous honours in the yearly M&A Advisor Awards. These particular awards aim to honour corporate transactions, financing and also in restructuring. Thanks to their contribution in the acquiring of Acuna and Associates by the Dowco Group, they were also able to attain great honours. The group is a leader in international steel infrastructure that handles modelling, pre-construction knowledge and also detailing. The firm went on to attain another win after coordinating a subordinated debt investment and minority equity for ARES Security Corporation, which deals with enterprise security management.



The company later went on to grow its influence and brand name when it helped WLR Automotive Group on a transaction involving a $13.2 million leaseback and sale deal. Every coming year, top companies seek the aid of Madison Street Capital regarding their outlook on the hedge fund business. The company’s staff regularly gain honours from trade as well as industry organizations.


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