Dick DeVos: His Work And How He Got There

The final year of Dick DeVos’ tenure in the position of Amway’s president generated a total revenue of $4.5 billion. It shocked the world. The organization now makes over $13 billion per year and through its unique design. This is partly due to the work of Dick DeVos. That design, which is part of Dick’s work, is one where groups of salesmen invite other prospects into the business. Ironically, we learn a great deal from this.


All you have to do is open your eyes. The business model found within the Amway Corp., is a great representation of what Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy have as their instinctive patterns. Today, we witness a pair whose work in philanthropy has been expansive to say the least. This is why it’s relevant to speak of the couple’s business past. It’s even more relevant to speak of them as a couple.


Dick DeVos didn’t get to his presidential position within Amway by accident. It wasn’t by the blessing of his father either. So don’t believe every negative story you hear. Even though his father was a co-founder, Dick did it alone. Dick rose to the heights of Amway partly due to the support of his wife and the structure found as the business model in this multi-level marketing organization of his.


It is a model which he also revolutionized by today’s standards.


The basic morals he and his wife learned in business created the framework for the philanthropists we recognize today. Take a look anywhere else and see. All of this is nothing short of a miracle. It’s necessary to question the motives of all who give. This is especially true considering that wealthy individuals seek to avoid taxes in many cases.


But what we unveil about the DeVos goes a bit deeper and relies on the fundamentals of religious belief and the ideals men hold deep in their very beings. It’s not everyday that we find such an influential power who’s focused on input, charity and giving back or where giving is actually needed.


Betsy and Dick also thrive as forces in the world of charity because they have great support for each other. Their bond, its integrity and ultimate objective leads this family further into a world of planetary impact. Lives are affected, eyes are opened and hearts are healed by the work of Dick and Betsy DeVos.


The future is bright and full of possibilities. Those who struggled for a mere existence are now supported by the work of this family and what they have accomplished. From the looks of it, however, their work as a powerful pair has only scratched the planetary surface. …


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