Doe Deere Is Making Dreams Come True

If you were to take a poll concerning the number of people that have ever spent much of their lives daydreaming about something they really wanted to do, yet never took the steps to actually make those dreams become a reality, you would probably be shocked at the sheer number. The truth is, you might even start to wonder why so many people dream about achieving something that is obviously extremely important to them, yet they don’t actually make it a part of their daily lives. It can be difficult to understand, but for anyone that has ever been through this type of thing, it really isn’t all that difficult at all. However, it is very sad to think of individuals that spend much of their lives dreaming of doing something, yet don’t take the steps to make it a reality.


If you were to examine the reasons behind the inaction of so many individuals, you would probably find that there are two things that are typically involved in the decision not to take any action at all. The first is usually fear, whether that involves fear of failure, fear of realizing that the very thing they have been dreaming about for years might never come true, or the fear of letting someone else down. The other actually involves something much more malicious ( It involves other people, often people who are close to those individuals, telling them that they might as well give up on their dreams because they will never succeed or because their dreams are just too far-fetched to become a reality. This can cause even the most devoted individuals to give up on their dreams before they really ever even get started on them.


Fortunately, there are role models such as the owner of Lime Crime, Doe Deere, who make it their mission in life to prove that the exact opposite is true. On the surface, it might seem like she is a successful entrepreneur who likes fashion and enjoys cosmetics, someone who had a desire to create a company of her own. However, there is much more than meets the eye when it comes to this young woman. The reason she created her company in the first place was because she got tired of people telling her it wasn’t possible or that she should reel in her dreams in order to make them more realistic. Instead of listening to these naysayers, she decided to use that negativity as fuel for the fire and she allowed it to propel her into success. Now she wants to do the same things for others.


She spends much of her time putting her message out there that in order to achieve your dreams, you have to take those first initial steps regardless of how much fear you have or how many people are telling you that it can’t be done. She wants people to understand that it is okay to fail and that failure is actually a part of growing, learning, and developing those dreams into reality. It is not a reason to quit or change course, but merely a method of learning about what works and what doesn’t. Thanks to her success and the message that she is spreading to other young individuals, many more people can take hold of their dreams and make them a reality because they have someone to look up to who has already done the same.




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