Elon Musk And Sir Richard Branson Spared The Ire Of Shervin Pishevar

The technology investor and top business expert, Shervin Pishevar spent 21 hours detailing his own beliefs in the problems facing the U.S. economy and explaining why he believes technology experts such as Elon Musk and Sir Richard Branson are the exception to the rule. Pishevar has a long history of success which has taken him from Uber to Virgin Hyperloop One and a number of roles as an entrepreneurial ambassador to the U.S. government which allows him the chance to take a step back and give an opinion of the problems facing the nation.

In terms of Musk and Branson, Shervin Pishevar believes the continuing role of entrepreneurs such as the two technology and travel experts remains key to the U.S. achieving economic success in the future. Both Elon Musk and Sir Richard Branson are heading dedicated teams who are often derided by their rivals and competitors for seeking to achieve something different in their respective SpaceX and Virgin Hyperloop One companies. The two business leaders are expected to keep on investing even when their efforts are mocked by the press and competitors who lack their vision to take new technologies and run with them in the future, in the view of Shervin Pishevar.

A major part of the problem for Elon Musk and Sir Richard Branson in developing their respective technologies has been a lack of willingness to invest in startups by many companies who fear the power of the top technology companies in the U.S. Shervin Pishevar believes the power allowed Alphabet, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft is damaging the growth of startups and seeing many technology companies in Silicon Valley either go out of business or desert the area completely. Pishevar believes the lack of control over the power of the top U.S. tech companies is allowing other nations to forge ahead and create a brighter future for themselves by allowing the kind of research and innovation which was once the focus of Silicon Valley before five technology companies changed the way the world is developing for the future.