End Citizens United Takes Aim at Finance Reform.

We have seen a unique shift in the way that United States political machine works ever since the 2010 Supreme Court decision regarding Citizens United. For those not in the know, Citizens United was a conservative group that fundamentally opposed any types of financial regulation on campaign financing. The group brought this argument before the Supreme Court in order to loosen the restrictions and allow big money, corporate donors, and people like the billionaire Koch Brothers to influence our election. The political machine has been broken ever since. Thankfully there has been a push by a PAC named End Citizens United and they are rapidly gaining steam.


Tiffany Muller is the President of the End Citizens United PAC and her goal is simple: to make her name a reality. End Citizens United was created and crafted to accomplish this task by any means necessary. The team at End Citizens United understands that this is a huge hurdle to clear but that they can make it happen in any case. The key will be to get grassroots support across the country from voters who are willing to put legislators in place to craft a constitutional amendment. This is not an easy task and that is why Muller says her donors, “feel like the system is rigged against them.”


Still, the election of Donald Trump has galvanized the country and pushed formerly apathetic participants into becoming full blown activists. Through the first quarter of the 2017 fundraising season the team at End Citizens United would raise nearly $4 million of their ultimate $35 million goal. This funding will be used to endorse candidates and supply them with support as they seek to broach campaign finance reform on Capitol Hill. Endorsing politicians who will stick to their word and keep the pressure mounted is the key to success with End Citizens United. This fundraising push needs to be effective in order for a large election run in 2018 at the Congressional level. With change in congress there is a sliver of hope that End Citizens United can make a huge dent in their goal.


Speaking of endorsements, of which End Citizens United does not give out lightly, the team at ECU recently endorsed Senator Elizabeth Warren for her re-election campaign. Senator Warren is one of the top Democrats in the United States senate and she is also vocally supportive of repealing the Citizens United decision at the Supreme Court. Warren says, “As long as the Citizens United ruling remains in effect, our democracy is in real danger.” With Senator Warren battling against Citizens United, Muller and the rest of the team at ECU have reason to be optimistic in the future for their ultimate goal.

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