InnovaCare Health Penelope Kokkinides -Chief Administrative Officer Meets With Donald Trump

Puerto Rico Is Receiving Much Needed Help From InnovaCare Health

Puerto Rico was heavily devastated by the Hurricane Maria, in 2017, and is in need of medical assistance. In 2018, InnovaCare Health officials stated that they received excellent Medicare Ratings from Medicaid and Medicare. Of the 5-star ratings, InnovaCare was given a 4.5 rating. Enrolled in these programs are more than 200,000 Puerto Ricans. Richard Shinto, CEO, states that the company receiving a 4.5 rating shows the quality of service they give to all of their patients in Puerto Rico, is high quality. Puerto Rico is going through a crisis and their need for medical care is essential to their recovery. InnovaCare is on target in helping the residents of Puerto Rico, by providing them with outstanding medical care. The company takes pleasure in helping and working with others in giving the residents excellent health care coverage.


One of the leading organizations specializing in the managed healthcare service sector is InnovaCare Health. They are the leaders in the health plan. They have a Medicaid agreement with the Puerto Rico Government. The healthcare offered by InnovaCare Health is affordable, coordinated, and comes in line with modernized technology within the medical industry. Richard Shinto is an expert with many years of experience in managing organizations within the healthcare sector. Due to his expertise in the healthcare field, he has been an asset to the patient’s care. In addition to his years of experience, he is an MD.


The Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare Health is Penelope Kokkinides. She became a member of the staff in 2015. She brought to InnovaCare over twenty years of experience in the medical field. Kokkinides is an expert in government policies and programs, and also in the area of managed care. With a keen desire to bring about positive changes in the healthcare sector that affects the residents of Puerto Rico, she is on a journey to help in providing excellent quality of services to everyone. Penelope Kokkinides was one of eight women who was invited by Donald Trump, President of the United States to the White House. During her meeting with Donald Trump, she discussed the issue of Puerto Rico having and providing more health care services to all of its residents. She brought to the attention of the President that since 2011, health care funding had diminished. The estimated cost of the decrease in health care funding was about $1 million and declining daily.