Jacob Gottlieb Visium: Doing things the right way is integral to our philosophy and our culture

The son of immigrants from Poland, Jacob Gottlieb has had a knack for financial management from very early on in his life. Mr. Gottlieb’s parents are both college educated and naturally passed the value of education to their son. Dr. Max Gottlieb PhD, Jacob’s father is a professor of economics at City University in New York City, while his mother Dr. Helena Gottlieb is a pedestrian. Naturally Jacob Gottlieb was heavily influenced by both of the professions chosen by his parents.

From a very young age Jacob had a gift for finance and finical money management. In middle school Jacob won a stock picking contest. Jacob’s father saw right away this skill Jacob possessed needed to be honed so he opened an investing trading account for him. Like many entrepreneurs, the spirit of selling things for a profit manifests very early on in their life. Jacob used to buy drinks at the grocery store and reselling these to golfers at a local golf course.

Jacob later went on to receive his Bachelor of Arts in economics from Brown University. Jacob earned his Medicine degree from New York University Medical School. Jacob Gottlieb was practicing Internal Medicine as an Intern at St. Vincent’s Hospital. However Jacob never lost his allure to the financial world and ultimately stop practicing medicine and began his career in the world of business and finance.

Currently Mr. Gottlieb finds himself a Managing Partner and CIO at Visium Asset Management, LLC, a company he founded in 2005. Visium is a financial management company, which manages 3.5 billion in assets. Jacob strongly believes in doing things the right way is integral to our philosophy and our culture at Visium.

Running a billion dollar company does not stop Jacob from philanthropic work with the Covenant House. The Covenant House provides support and services for homeless kids. The Covenant House utilizes innovative strategies, using evidence based practices with five guiding principles:

  1. Immediacy
  2. Sanctuary
  3. Value Communication
  4. Structure
  5. Choice

Open 24/7 365 serving 80,000 kids annually, with plans to open facilities in five additional states.