Jeunesse Global Introduces Options for Weight Loss

Jeunesse Global has gone from unknown entity to household name in less time than any other company in the history of the health and beauty industry. It is, perhaps, no surprise that a company founded by people with the skills and experience of Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis would so quickly accomplish so much. As serial entrepreneurs within the health and beauty and direct marketing industries, both Ray and Lewis had the know-how to launch a new company the right way, almost immediately recruiting top talent and creating some of the most groundbreaking products the industry has seen in years.

Jeunesse Global was the product of boredom. Ray and Lewis had previously tried three times to retire, each time being unable to resist the lure of the business world dragging them back into the action. On their fourth attempt, they once again ran into the crushing boredom that comes with idleness. Lewis began selling products out of the couple’s sprawling Florida mansion as a way to pass the time. Before long, Ray had jumped into the mix as well. Jeunesse Global was born.

Over the first few years of the company’s existence, the couple was able to tap into their long-established network of industry contacts. These included some of the top research and development scientists in the industry. With these connections, Jeunesse was able to create some of the most innovative products seen in years, which were able to address very specific market niches that no other major supplier of health and beauty products was serving.

One of those products is the company’s Zen 8 Project, a weight-loss system that is based on nutritional science and sports medicine. The company paired up with one of the most lauded personal trainers in the world to create a system that combines exercise with the modern science of nutritional supplements as an aid in the burning of fat.

Zen Bodi is the company’s fat-burning and fuel-providing supplement. It has been widely reported to be among the most highly rated such products in the world, with some of the most famous weight-loss professionals singing its praises.

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