Louis Chenevert Improves United Technologies Corporation

Louis Chenevert is a successful business leader in Canada. He is now the CEO of United Technologies Corporation. He has made drastic improvements to the company since he became CEO. Not only has he improved sales, but the brand name recognition of United Technologies Corporation has improved drastically.

Louis Chenevert had to act quickly after taking over as CEO. The company was declining, and few customers enjoyed working with United Technologies Corporation. Louis Chenevert decided to focus on only a few areas to improve. His logic was that a simple plan executed properly could quickly turnaround the company.

Financial Planning

Louis Chenevert has a strong background in financial planning. He firmly believes that any business leader should meticulously plan the finances of their company. United Technologies Corporation had little cash and a ton of debt when he took over. Louis Chenevert decided to improve the financial position of the company in several ways. He focused on paying down debt while also increasing sales at the company.

Hiring Workers

Hiring the right workers is an essential aspect of running any business. Some business leaders feel like they are too busy to hire additional workers. Louis Chenevert wanted to hire the best workers possible for his company. He was willing to pay workers more than other companies. Over time, this decision has drastically improved the overall culture at the company.

Helping The Community

With his busy schedule, Louis Chenevert does not have a lot of time for personal activities. However, he spends a lot of time and money helping people in the local community. He is a firm believer that people should use their resources to invest in others. He wants to help children from low-income families in several ways. Not only does he want to provide food, but he also wants to offer educational opportunities.