Ronald Fowlkes who trained at the Army Jump School is a retired marine. He worked as a member of St. Louis Police Department as a team lead of his SWAT group. As an army, he was part of the team that designed, developed and delivered high-quality gear to security. The first spear provided equipment for the US Marine Corps as well as SWAT for their gears that were strong and well designed to withstand the rigours that they underwent. This made him want to know more about them considering that it was based in his hometown. He worked at the military in product sales and as a manager for business development. Eagle Industries also had him Managing Business Development giving him away from top to the Directing Business Development and Co-Owning First Spear.


First Spear makes money from attending trade shows and conducting marketing activities. However, most of their clients are the equipment users and law enforcement units and DOD who keep in business for their quality products and recommend them to other customers. They also source for more customers using their showroom. Fowlkes success has been supported by his early team leadership responsibilities at the Marine.


Ronald Fowlkes’ interest in First Spear was from his continued contact with their equipment that was well designed and excellent fit. He was interested in joining the marine throughout his life and eventually joined after completing his high school. Concerning his personal life, his day starts his day at home with his family. He makes a stop for his caffeinated beverage before heading to his office where he starts off with answering calls and emails and catching up with his team for open activities.


Additionally, in First Spear feedback is taken with positivity. The company uses it to improve their services and products to their customers. The requirements posed by the users are used to create an RFI, then the R&D team uses it to work towards achieving the goals. The company protects their products from copying by having them patented. Fowlkes is very excited by the fact that they have introduced into the industry new tube and laser cutting technology lightening the load significantly by 40%. His habit of writing things down helps him keep track of his achievements putting the unaccomplished top of his list for direct attention. He also advises that one has to keep good friends and focus on their customers to offer them the best.


Ronald Fowlkes is a hockey sports blogger. He recently wrote on Henrik Lundqvist who in 13 consecutive seasons earned 20 wins which is an achievement that has not been done by any other NHL goaltender.