Securus Technologies Changed How Officers Work in Prisons

My job in our state prison has certainly evolved over the years. I can remember back when I fist started how there used to be a couple inmates per cell, we all knew each others names, and we all had professional courtesy and respect for one another. Although we did have one or two bad apples back then, nothing compared to what the prison system is like today. Now we have triple the amount of inmates crammed in each of those cells, and the violence has reached the point where my superiors had to make changes to how we conduct business.


Securus Technologies was contacted to help us to get back control and try to curb the violent outbreaks in recent weeks. This company developed a very powerful and effective call monitoring system that can scan each call made by inmates on the house phones, and report instantly if an inmate is talking about anything from weapons to drugs. The company has already placed the same systems in over 2,444 jails around the country and those officers are seeing a drop in crimes in jail. The CEO of Securus Technologies said that his team is ready to make this world a safer place.


The one thing my team of officers noticed immediately is we were no longer having to be in the call center to manually listen, the LBS software was now scanning calls and allowing officers get back to work. That is like having a added officers and increasing the ability to hear every word inmates say more clearly. Now if these inmates want to cause trouble by asking family to bring drugs, asking friends to slip them weapons, or mentioning anything gang related, we will take action on the spot as the alerts come in to prevent the trouble from occurring.


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  1. It may not seem like much of a great development just yet but in a matter of few months, people would begin to see the impacts. Trying the can actually help with tracking the development of the Securus Technologies. For many people who have picked interest in the system, it may be about the right thing to do to fight crimes everywhere.

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