Stream Cares Helps Dallas Children

Stream Cares is the company that Stream Energy set up to do full time charity work. The idea to have a charitable wing of Stream Energy came after Hurricane Harvey in Houston. It also helped out after the tornadoes in North Texas. While Stream Cares focuses on local issues in the Dallas and Texas area, it also does work around the country. Stream Energy has been very successful through selling energy to their associates, and it wanted to give back to its communities. Stream Energy wants people to associate its company with Stream Cares and charity.

In the past, it has partnered with Habitat for Humanity, the Salvation Army and the Red Cross, but it is now working with a Dallas based company called Hope Supply Co. Hope Supply Co donates a range of items to children including food and school supplies. Along with Stream Cares, it has seen the dramatic rise in homelessness in Dallas and how it affects children.

Stream Cares also donates money, but it also invests time in the charity. Stream employees are always looking for ways to help out, and so they have set up a series of events to help children. It is great for the community to see the employees helping out.

The employees took some of the children for a day out at a local water park. Stream Cares also set up a lunch for veterans and their children, and at an event called American Girl Doll Experience, Stream Cares helped out ten daughters of veterans.

While America as a whole is a very generous country, Texas is lower down on the list of states in giving money. Stream Cares wants to change that. By Stream Energy setting up an entire section of its company to nothing but charity, the company is hoping to put Texas much higher on the list.