The astonishing story about the roots of OSI Group

OSI Group is named among the best suppliers of food products in the world. The success of the company has been through various interventions that have enables it to be in the market position it is in today. OSI Group was started by Otto Kolschowsky who was an American Immigrant. He started it as a small business ‘Butcher’ that used to supply meat to the immigrant community in Chicago. He realized that he had much potential to expand his business and continued to put more effort that has enabled; led it to grow to one of the best international food companies in the world.

After some years of growth of his company, he rebranded the business into Otto and Sons. Otto and Sons continued to thrive and became a significant supplier of meat products to the American community. It became the supplier of to other business entities such as restaurants and other retailers in America. Its market was continuing to grow over time as the economic status of the United States continued to grow. Still, at that time, there was a newly opened restaurant known as McDonald’s where the Otto and Sons became its main suppliers. McDonald Restaurant had many restaurants in the country, and it depended on the Otto and Sons supplies for it to satisfy its large number of customers. They continued to supply quality products and developed strong ties with the McDonalds management group.

Due to the close relationship between the two businesses, there were able to advance technologically that they introduced the Flash Freezing process that freezes food products using liquid nitrogen for it to the last loner and also enable it to be transported over long distances. As a result, the Otto and Sons was ab,e to undergo many transitions from a family business into a Global Corporation OSI Group.

The OSI Group continued to grow over the years and when it came to the retirement of the Otto and Sons, the company needed more recognized management that they appointed Lavin one of the who was one of the most important partners of the company for many years as the Chief Executive Officer and the President of the Company. Lavin had much experience as an entrepreneur and an executive member of the banking sector. His experience also led to the expansion of OSI Group that it has now become a worldwide company. Besides, the company has gone through many transitions since then, including increase in the number of shareholders and employees and change the leadership structure.

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