The Better Products that Bernado Chua Provides at Organo Gold

Bernardo Chua is a business man who is thriving and also the CEO of Organo Gold whereby the organization provides tasty and sweet coffee and also uses outstanding direct sales to make the organization develop.

At Organo Gold development is due to the experience and knowledge that he had in the networking industry whereby he used those skills to advertise the company hence many people knew about the products which the organization provides and many hence it increased the number of clients in the organization.

Through exploring all over the world, it enabled him to meet many people and therefore enabled him to enlarge the company to other parts of the world and many people were able to get their product easily. The organization main product that they offer is mainly coffee but there are other products that offer too.

According to PR Newswire, Bernardo Chua is an entrepreneur who has ensured at Organo Gold thing run smoothly these is because of the team work that the staff members of the organization. He also has been awarded in numerous occasion some of the awards are People Choice from the Dangal ng Bayan and also national consumers quality award in the year 2014.

Those organization that dealt with Ganoderma produce he was able to partner with them hence ensuring that they produce better coffee. Through the use of direct sales in the food industry, the organization became the leading organization in using that strategy hence it was able to be known all over the world.

Chua also encourages the organization to always use direct sales because it is the best method that will bring more profit into the organization. Phillippines is another part of the country whereby he was able to expand the business too.

Ganoderma is the main ingredient that has brought the success of Organo Gold these is because it makes the coffee to taste sweet. Also, the organization has helped a lot of people through providing them with employment hence they are able to provide for their family. Lastly, the achievement of the company is having better binding with their clients.

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