The Real Sunday Riley Talks About Her Company’s Products

The Sunday Riley brand of skin care products is very popular with women everywhere, and in a 2018 interview on The Cut website, the real Sunday Riley talks about her company and more. This forward-thinking entrepreneur was named Sunday by her father, who thought that it would be a good name for someone who eventually wanted to start their own business.

The first question that Sunday Riley is asked in the interview is what she wanted to present to consumers when the company bearing her name was launched in 2009. Her response was that she was trying to provide products that combine scientific active ingredients with botanical products.

When asked if any of her brand’s products are her favorites, Ms. Riley says that she is proud of all of the different items. If, for some reason, she is no longer proud of a product, the item gets removed from the product line.

Sunday Riley says that she learns about cosmetic formulation every day, and that much of her knowledge on the subject comes from on-the-job, trial and error experience. With each product that her company makes, Ms. Riley tries to learn how to improve and do more with the product.

With the company’s new, long-wear foundation product, Sunday Riley learned several new techniques that improved the product in its development. The formula for the company’s wildly successful Good Genes product was difficult for Ms. Riley to develop, but she actually developed 20 different shades of the item.

When it comes to her own skin care routine, Sunday Riley usually washes her face twice a day, then uses sunscreen and some of her company’s products, such as Tidal and Luna. As far as recommending what other people should do to maintain healthy skin, Ms. Sunday says that washing the face is the most important thing a person can do.