The Successful Career of Mathematician Michael Lacey

Michael Lacey a mathematician in the United States of America. He was born in September 1959 in Abilene, Texas. Lacey holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Texas. He attended the University of Illinois for his postgraduate studies and received a Ph.D. under the guidance of Walter Phillip.

He wrote a thesis on probability about Banach spaces. He also solved a mathematical problem on the law of the iterated logarithm of empirical characteristic functions. He also has expertise in ergodic theory, harmonic analysis, and probability. After attaining his doctorate degree he held positions at the University of North Carolina and the Louisiana State University.

Lacey worked at the Indiana University between 1989 and 1996. He acquired a National Science Foundation fellowship for post doctor’s holders during this period. He started studying the bilinear Hilbert Transform concept in the midst of his fellowship. After completing the study alongside Christoph Thiele, they received the Salem prize to reward their accomplishments. He has been a professor of Mathematics and an associative chair of the Mathematics department at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Mr. Lacey has also worked at the Louisiana State University, the University of North Carolina. He was also a short-term Ordway Professor at the University of Minnesota. His Ph.D. students have managed to get academic and industrial jobs. Professor Michael Lacey has mentored 10 postgraduates.

His efforts in the field of Mathematics have been identified. He has received numerous awards including the Guggenheim Fellowship for Natural Sciences award, and the Simons Foundation awards. Lacey has served as the director of several training programs such as VIGRE and the MCTP awards organized by NSF. Read more: Michael Lacey | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Mathalliance

The grants have assisted many undergraduates and postgraduates in completing their studies. He has also provided undergraduates who went ahead and pursues postgraduate degrees.

Michael Lacey has researched and published numerous papers. Some of the papers include “type estimates for square function”, “Commutators in a Two-Weight Setting, Math” and “Two weight norm inequalities for the g function, Math” among other mathematical publications. He has also authored books including “Change Up- Upper Intermediate – Fundamental”.

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