The Tenure of Ashley Lightspeed

Just like her father, Jana Lightspeed wanted to be an architect as she grew up. However, this changed over time when she discovered she prefers prototyping. She studied Bachelor of Arts at Duke She began her consulting career at Bain. After some years, Jana Lightspeed decided to engage in more operation work. She joined the Thumbtack’s product team serving as a Category Manager. Her responsibilities included growth within Events and weddings and customer experience. Ashley constantly used prototyping to collect feedback, iterate on ideas and improve products throughout her career.

Jana Lightspeed had her first venture capital experience at Thumbtack while handling a fundraising pitch deck. According to Ashley, the industry caught her attention due to its ability to “see into the future and its proven track record of identifying and supporting trends before they become established.”Ashley left Thumbtack for Stanford GSB for her MBA. While studying, she explored starting her company and also handled consulting projects for financial independence. The projects played part in her realization of her preference to deep-dive into various industries simultaneously. Ashley is motivated by working with entrepreneurs to transform ideas into reality.

As one of Lightspeed’s consumer investing team, she works with developing companies to make their growth strategy efficient. She keeps her craftsmanship eye open at all times. According to Lightspeed, craftsmanship is a way of creating and building. It is a spirit that compels the builder to care for those they build for deeply. Being a creator requires patience, in order to understand people’s needs to implement solutions to make life easier, more inspiring and healthier for them. Ashley and her highly motivated team have helped various companies such as Mulesoft, Nutanix, The Honest Company, Elementum, GirlBoss reap benefits sooner than anticipated. Most of their clients eventually succeed beyond their target mark.