US Money Reserve Has Informative Summit On DRTV

Investing in gold and silver is becoming even more heavily talked about in television ads and infomercials, and one of the leading companies that is bringing people onboard gold investments is US Money Reserve. US Money Reserve is a privately owned company that has former US Mint Director Philip Diehl on its executive board. Diehl also made an appearance on US Money Reserve’s Direct Response TV 2016 Gold Summit event.

This event was carried out like a debate that had former news columnist Larry King hosting and moderating. In addition to Diehl, numismatics expert John Rothans and former Vice President of Marketing Brad Castillo also joined in the discussion.

The reason US Money Reserve is a good choice for gold and silver investing is the diversity of precious metals they have in their inventory. Whether you’re looking to invest in a starters amount or a large supply of coins and bullion, US Money Reserve has plenty to choose from in their selection. Perhaps you’re wondering why you should consider gold and silver? These precious metals aren’t just items to display in a collector’s case, they are safe havens against volatile markets and inflation. Learn more about U.S Money Reserve:

Gold and silver usually increase in value when national debt and interest rates start accumulating too high, and markets need time to stabilize gold and silver are great assets to own. Gold and silver coins are legal tender and are highly recommended to purchase.

Philip N. Diehl is one of the world’s top numismatists and is a former US Mint Director. Diehl has appeared on many television outlets and has discussed policies such as eliminating the penny and the minting of the first ever platinum coin. Diehl was also behind the Sacagawea dollar and the start of the US Mint’s new and improved ecommerce program.

Diehl is featured on US Money Reserve’s new website where he discusses getting started in gold and silver investing and how anyone can do it. US Money Reserve has an easy-to-navigate system and has new photo galleries of all its coins and bars.

Other information includes IRA transfers and diversifying your portfolio. To find out more about buying gold or silver bars and coins, visit

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