Waiakea Water Does Water like Water Should Be

Many years ago we got our water from a kitchen faucet or even a water hose. Today, it is popular to get drinking water from the store. Some people think that all water is created equal but this simply is not true. If you don’t believe that let’s take a look at clean water vs dirty water. Quickly we see not all water is created equal. In order for water to be drinkable it has to be purified. The thing that many people forget is that purified water does not have to come from a processing plant that uses filters and perhaps chemicals to make the water drinkable.

Let’s look at the case of Waiakea water. This Waiakea water ph is balanced and processed by nature. Some people call this Hawaii volcanic water. You might hear people talk about volcanic water benefits and how good the water is for you. However, it is important to remember that this water is filtered by use of volcanic land and as a result, it is one of the most natural drinking waters you can get. It is true Hawaii volcanic water with real volcanic water benefits.

The name Waiakea comes from the language of Hawaiian too. It means basically, broad waters and the filtering process runs the water through 14,000 feet of porous volcanic rock located within the Mauna Loa volcano. If that is not good enough for using the environment, we have to take a look at the bottle that the Hawaii volcanic water gets bottled in. The bottle it’s self is, well, better for the environment because it does degrade. Yes, a degradable plastic bottle that stores Waiakea water ph balanced, Hawaii volcanic water. How awesome is that? We say it’s very awesome and eco-friendly too. Now, that is a water you can feel great about drinking and offering to your friends and family.

Now in all fairness we have to think about the damage done to the environment by the water delivery trucks. Perhaps you didn’t think about that, well, rest assured that the Waiakea Water company did and as a result, they use low emission vehicles to deliver the water. That earned them the title of a certified Carbon Neutral business. The also donate a weeks supply of water to people in need in Malawi for every liter of water sold. Sounds like everyone gets volcanic water benefits from this Hawaii volcanic water.