William Saito: The Importance of Startup Businesses

William Saito is a tech entrepreneur who is currently based in Japan. He has a massive influence in the industry, and what he presently develops help a lot of startup business owners in the country. Born and raised in the United States, William Saito studied to become more knowledgeable with computers. He founded various companies, which includes the I/O Software that was later sold to the computer giant Microsoft. The I/O Software was created to enable programs that are coded in written in English to display Japanese text. It eased the communication between Americans and Japanese, and it also helped them to work together on certain projects. William Saito created the I/O Software in partnership with Sony, and together, the two parties have also ventured out in creating a reliable fingerprint recognition system. The authentication technology would also be sold later on to Microsoft, with the company using it for future devices and operating systems.

William Saito has impressive skills in the field of computing. At the age of 14, he already founded and managed his own software company. In 2004, he decided to live in Japan, and become an inspiration for the younger generation to continue the technological revolution. He dedicated his time and energy to teaching the children how to do coding and programming. He knew that these skills would help the children in the future, especially now that the world has been becoming more technologically dependent. Another dream of William Saito is to see a potential Japanese version of Mark Zuckerberg who will be able to create a global cyber phenomenon like Facebook.


While living and teaching in Japan, William Saito had the idea of setting up a business that would help young developers and startup owners to manage their businesses effectively. He established the Creative Lounge MOV, which is a facility that allows creative people to stay inside and spend the rest of their time coding and doing other projects. William Saito witnessed how enthusiastic the Japanese youth are, especially when researching about something that could change the future. William Saito is also offering a lot of seminars and conferences all throughout the country to influence the public about setting up startups, especially in the field of technology. He claimed that tech startups are more likely to succeed in a world with advanced technology.

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